Collaboration with oomph.


Experience a secure, intuitive way of interacting with your colleagues, patients, friends or customers.

Bring meetings to an unexpected new level.

The advantage of telepresence.


Bring expertise where it’s needed, when it’s needed; to manage, train, assess, and support in the field.

Discover a world of incredibly flexible remote assistance.

Turbocharged distance learning.


Brief and debrief in an enhanced live environment while adding checklists and reports to any session.

We’ve taught a new dog new tricks.

Imagination, focused.


Enter a versatile sandbox where you can explore new forms of dynamic work, play and communication with colleagues, patients, friends, or customers.

Give your brain free rein.

Audio and video, squared.


Create a personalized communication canvas to layer pictures, videos, docs, and even digital objects over one or more live camera feeds.

Experience more possibilities than seem to be possible.

The new augmented reality.


Superimpose digital objects, images, figures, or videos over one or more high-quality live streams in real time!

As hands- on as if you were there.

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